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Wire welding is a semi-automatic welding process where a wire of metal with low melting point is fed through the welding tool or torch.
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Examples of wire welding processes are:

Flux core welding

With Flux core welding the hollow wire is filled with flux, which will react with the weld pool to protect it from contaminants. The disadvantage of flux welding is that this process produces quite some smoke.

MIG welding

With MIG welding the wire is solid. To shield the weld area from contacting the surrounding atmosphere, a supply of gas (mostly argon) flows from the torch. Hardly any smoke is produced with this technique.

Preparation of wire welding machine

Tighten the tensioner of the wire reel and make sure the first 7 cm are perfectly straight and there is no tangling. Insert the wire through the tube and push the wire further into the liner. Make sure the wire is clean. Use a dry piece of fabric for cleaning. Grease or rust will affect a smooth passage.

Power up the machine and use the wire feed mechanism to push the liner further through by keeping the torch straight. If you have difficulty pushing it through, try to use a slight spinning motion or withdraw the wire just a little before pushing again.

Wire welder tension setting

It is important to set the tension of the wire feed welder just right, so that the wire will not be too loose, causing tangling, and not too tight for the reel to flow freely.

Finally, set the wire speed and you are good to go.
To find the best settings for your welding task at hand, always practice on a piece of waste metal before starting on the actual workpiece.

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