positioning equipment for welding

The utility of positioning equipment for welding

A welding positioner or welding positioning equipment helps to maneuver large and heavy workpieces. But not only heavy objects benefit from mechanical positioning, unusual shapes or even small objects for precise work are also more accessible when tilted in the right position.


Examples of positioning equipment

  • Welding tilting machine or welding manipulator: with this device, the welder can tilt and / or turn the workpiece at a constant and controllable speed for continuous welding or turn the workpiece and fix the position for a steady grip.
  • Welding turn and tilt table: welding turn-tilt tables steady, turn and tilt workpieces for ergonomic welding and are available in workbench sizes for smaller and lighter workpieces and floor tables for heavy-duty workpieces.
  • Pipe rotator: steady and rotate heavyweight objects with a cylindrical shape.


Benefits for proper position welding

Easy access and flat surface welding require fewer skills and effort from the welder than operating with overhead reach or in confined spaces. That is why using positioning equipment results in:

  • higher-quality welds
  • increase of safety for the welder
  • decreases muscle fatigue
  • improved productivity
  • less cleaning up welding splashes

Besides the aspect of comfort, safety is vital in the welding industry. By using a positioner, the workpiece is firmly anchored to a professional device, providing the welder easy access to the welded area without the risk of falling, injury and cramped muscles.


Investing in a positioning device

Before investing in a positioning device for comfort and safety that suits the welding work at hand, consider these points first:

  • Besides the size and the weight, also the shape of the workpiece is important. Make sure to use a device that balances the weight (center of gravity) of the workpiece on every axis.
  • As easy access welding is the best option, choose a device that accommodates or mounts the workpiece the best and flat way possible.

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positioning equipment for welding
welding positioning equipment

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