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Welding Turntables

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The utility of welding manipulators

Welding manipulators are constructions or devices consisting of a column with a boom, often configured with a welding head, to provide constant and steady welding for workshops and in the industry. Other common names for welding manipulators are Welding head manipulator and Column and boom welding manipulator.


N.B.: The terms welding manipulators and welding positioners {link to page Welding Positioners} are both randomly used for installations and devices that help the welder with heavy duty or unusual sized workpieces.


Applications of welding manipulators

For large scale production workshops and industries, a column and boom welding manipulator may be a cost-effective solution and substitute highly skilled welders. Welding manipulators are available in a variety of sizes and capacities. From practical mobile devices to vast configurations mounted on the floor.


Variety of configurations:

  • Lifting height
  • Lifting capacity
  • Various types of welding equipment mountable (f.e. submerged arc)
  • Manual reach or gear elevation
  • Manual or gear operated sub-based carriage


Most configurations are setup in combination with welding positioners and / or welding rotators. For example, a manipulator configured with a submerged arc welder above a pipe rotator.


Investing in a positioning device

Before investing in a column and boom configuration suiting the welding work at hand, consider these points first:

  • the height and the weight of the workpieces to be welded on
  • the reach (position of the welding head) over the welded area
  • the space needed for and weight of additional welding equipment. For instance, a welding positioner and flux recovery system.


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