Bode SAR 600 Rotators set 30 tons


  • Instantly self-aligning to the workpiece.
  • Robust all-steel welded construction.
  • Clutches incorporated in top rollers of Drive Section to prevent damage to transmission when loading.
  • Variable speed rotation through hydrostatic variator or inverter control.
  • Tachometer speed indicator (optional).

Technical Specifications

Model: SAR 600
Year: 2007
Drive capacity: 30 tons
Load Capacity per Section: 15 tons
Minimum diameter: 450 mm
Maximum diameter: 5200 mm
Roller diameter: 457 mm
Roller width: 127 mm
Roller Material: Polyurethane
Overall length Drive: 2820 mm
Overall width Drive: 900 mm
Overall length Idler: 2170 mm
Overall width Idler: 600 mm
Heigth over rollers: 955 mm
Track gauge: 1435 mm