Pipe beveling

What is pipe beveling?

With pipe beveling, the beveling machine forms a beveled edge (or slope) the end of a pipe, that is not perpendicular to either surface (inside and outside). The purpose of beveling can be smoothing a cut end for safety, for an aesthetic reason or, most common in welding, to prepare the pipe end for a joint with another component.


The importance of beveling

Depending on the specifications of the beveling work at hand, there are several ways to bevel a pipe. By hand grinding, by flame cutting and machine work. A well-prepared edge is a crucial first step in the welding process of cylindrical shapes. To make a strong joint, especially heavy wall pipes need a perfect shape before welding.


Why choose a pipe beveling machine?

As a sharp and smooth surface contributes to a strong and clean joint, also for cylindrical shapes, a beveling machine is a necessity in any welding workshop or industry. A pipe bevelling machine offers advantages above manual beveling:


It saves time

A machine that is specially designed for beveling will be much faster than the very best skilled metal worker. It takes approximately 5 to 20 seconds, depending on the wall thickness, to bevel the end of one pipe. This also benefits production volume and subsequently, operating costs.

It saves cleaning

Wil manual beveling, apart from torching, hand grinding, and beveling, the welder needs to clean up the area, while a machine collects all the chips that are released during the process.

Consistent quality

A machine delivers consistent quality, also with special beveled edges, such as J-bevels. Even with materials and alloys that are commonly used nowadays, but are not suitable for torching.


Once setup, an adequately trained worker, but not necessarily a skilled welder can operate beveling machines. Manual work involves more tools, risks, and ergonomic issues.

pipe beveling
pipe beveling

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