Buy MIG welder

Buy MIG welder: what to consider?

If you decide to invest in welding supplies and consider to buy MIG welder or to buy TIG welder, make sure that you purchase a machine that fits your welding needs. Refrain from buying a machine just because it’s cheap. There are quite some factors to consider during the decision making process of choosing the right welding machine.

What does this welder supply cost?

When you want to buy a welder, MIG {link to page What is MIG welding?} for instance, bear in mind that the price range is wide. There are cheap machines with low power but also expensive MIG welders with features you might never use. Clearly, by testing the machine and experiencing what quality welds they produce, is the best way to find out what you actually need. Besides buying a new unit, consider an overhauled machine with good value, still many years of service, and even warranties.

Regard these factors before choosing a MIG welder

The power supply: how many amps?
Machines vary from 90 amps to 180 amps. Generally, you could say that the thicker the metal you need to weld, the more power the welding machine needs to have. Most suppliers have a chart available for the brand they sell. Ask your dealer to inform you about what machine to buy for the welding task at hand.

A. Power switch
There are still some machines on the market that have no power switch. In that case, the electricity supply to the torch is constantly on. Make sure the machine you are about the buy has one and if this information is unclear, read instruction manual before purchase.

B. Value for money
Obviously, the more expensive MIG welders offer better electronics and a better wire feed unit, resulting in a more user-friendly machine. Pay special attention to the wire feed system. The quality and settings for speed and flow of the wire will benefit the welder with a hassle-free operation.

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