Welcome at our website www.usedwelding-equipment.com

This website is developed by a globaly increasing demand of used welding and manipulation equipment. The price is important of course, but also the quality and service are playing an important role. All in all a difficult market, partly because many companies are dealing with short-term assignments, making the capital investment for production facilities limited.

The website www.usedwelding-equipment.com is a platform with professional used welding and manipulation equipment to invest in a relatively inexpensive manner.

Through this platform you will benefit better from the increasing global demand for used welding and manipulation equipment.

As good as new (sometimes even better)

All our technical personnel are professionals in the field and have completed a technical service training.

With great pleasure we put ourselves in the position of our customers and therefore quality is our top priority! We have developped internal and strict protocols established for the repair and overhaul of used equipment and machinery. We mostly have the required spareparts and items in stock.

Upon entering all equipment is thoroughly cleaned and completely tested on operation, defects, loose parts and checked for clearances from all moving parts. Here are all missing, worn and defect parts replaced so the completely overhauled machine is functioning as new and sometimes even better! You can be sure that you can rely on your remanufactured machine because of our 2 months warranty period.

After all, the client always comes first!

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